53 Studebaker Coupe

1953 Studebaker Commander
This is my first nonauthentic rebuild of a car. I had so many body panels left over from the parts search for the Speedster, I thought I’d do another car. I found just a tub from a 55 President with no fenders, rusted floors on a rusted frame. While showing the Speedster, I met a person that was building a resto-rod out of a Speedster. I had a late model frame I was going to use on this car but he wanted it. We made a swap and I ended up with his frame, engine and all the running gear from the Speedster that I put under this body. I thought a 53 nose would be prettier so I found the parts and here we are. The addition of the 5 speed stick from an 86 Mustang makes this a really fun driver.