56 Studebaker Wagon

1956 Studebaker President Pinehurst
In 2016, there was a big auction in Northern Ohio that was going to sell more than 300 Studebakers and a half dozen Metropolitans. It was near friends, so went to the big show. The Mets were not what I wanted and they all sold, leaving us at the auction with an empty trailer. I had always thought, one, two door station wagons were cool and two, 56 Studebakers with their little fins were cool. I’d never seen one, but they had a Studebaker Pinehurst, the top of the line wagon for Studebaker in 1956. It looked reasonably complete, had an Arizona body and it ended up in my trailer. Of course, it needed far more than I expected, with all new brakes, a complete engine rebuild, new floors and all new interior, but it’s 100% Studebaker and a cool car. For now, I’m leaving the patina, but restoring the interior to new.