1951 Fiat Topolino
The mockup for the Mash Metropolitan were done on a Fiat Topolino by Bill Flojole, the Met industrial designer. After years of looking, I found a Topolino advertised on ebay in Auckland, New Zealand. A few emails and phone calls later I got a picture of the little beauty being loaded on a slide back enroute to the Taiko, a car carrier momentarily docked in Auckland. The shipping cost more than the car. When we received it in Baltimore, it looked like some kid had found his uncles tool box and taken it all apart, leaving pieces scattered inside. Luckily, all you have to do is send hard earned Swiss Francs to Switzerland and a nice man there will sell you all you need to put it back together. I enjoyed it for a few years and sold it to someone else who needed it to go for ice cream.